I Was Invited To A Princess Party

I’ve always wanted to try out a princess dress cake and I finally got the chance.

A princess party was common when I was growing up, but there was never a princess cake. Well, I am not sure if a princess would eat one that held her effigy, but that was besides the point, and it was always one of those things that I “would have liked.” So now, while I might not be the recipient of the came, I get the chance to make a special one for my niece.

When I heard that my sister-in-law was going to be throwing their ten year old daughter a princess birthday party I secretly was giddy with excitement. And it was for good reason to, when the party came their home was filled with an overwhelming amount of love, laughter, and celebration that I almost cried. It was just so beautiful.

As I offered to take care of the cake, I really wasn’t sure what to do for the design. The usual sources of inspiration, Instagram and Betty Crocker came up with a lot of different options, but none of them were fitting. Then I got the invitation, and there in my hand was the blue print to the cake. It was a nice elegant, multi-tiered and textured design that had pearls, stripes, and a whole lot of pink.

Who ever said that invitations for girls were over rated was full of it. I am sorry, but if you think I should have accepted some drab, uninspired source of inspiration then you are on the wrong site. And you are hereby banished from Princess Stella’s kingdom.

On a lighter note, I didn’t just want to pray red food coloring in the frosting and call it done. I had those cakes that are just heaps of frosting. What I want when I eat cake is a flavorful helping of complimenting tastes. Strawberry vanilla, with soft chocolate mint leaf details.


I am a huge fan of themed parties. And if I had been in charge, I must admit that I probably would have spent way too much time thinking about/planning/crafting for her princess party.

The bar has been set very high and I think this party will be tough to top. But there is hope, I think we spent about $50 on decor, which I think is not bad for the amount of quality stuff we had to work with.

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